IT Architecture Services


Glasswolf engagements of architecture focus on knowing and influencing the needs of your business.  Leveraging broad skills and expertise, Glasswolf integrates business, information, application/solution and technology architectures into enabling business platforms.  These enabling platforms share common services and values across the enterprise allowing your business to achieve their strategic visions efficiently, cost effectively and as quickly as possible.

Glasswolf services focus on the development of architectures which provide guidance to business areas in how best to work with the enabling platform.  During engagements, Glasswolf ensures the transfer of experience and knowledge ensuring your continued success.  A thought leader in the industry, Glasswolf blends expertise and comprehensive capabilities with new thinking and original perspectives.

Glasswolf IT Architectures include:

  • A foundation emphasizing agility and leadership presented as a combination of common sense processes and projects which add value to a strategic business imperative.
  • A commonality in architecture product and processes based on enabling platforms that allows your business to explore innovative ideas quickly.
  • A well developed combination of architecture services and business capabilities allowing your business areas to stay ahead of the market and provide a competitive edge to your customers and partners.